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Jodi Beggs | advisor

JODI N. BEGGS, Northeastern University lecturer, Harvard PhD candidate, behavioral economist, blogger, instructor. “My overall aim is to be more of a writer and a teacher than a researcher, since my strength lies not so much in producing research but instead in explaining that research in a manner that makes people actually want to pay attention. (Also, the supply of passionate economic researchers is much larger relative to demand than the supply of passionate economics instructors, so I’m really just responding to market forces.) I am currently a lecturer at Northeastern University, where I teach graduate courses in macroeconomic theory and behavioral economics. In the past, I’ve spent my academic year working for Ec10, which is the introductory undergraduate economics course at Harvard University, and summers teaching midcareer masters degree students at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. I’ve even been known to teach an undergraduate economics tutorial entitled “Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll”, which those of you who read my site know is something that’s right up my alley.”

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