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The economy affects each of us perhaps more than any other political or social issue. It affects almost every aspect of our lives – from where we live to how we spend our days; from what we are able to give our children to how we treat the environment; from what kind of car we drive to how our country relates to others around the world. Understanding the economy and how it works – on an individual, national, and global scale – is crucial to being an informed citizen of the world. And yet so many of us don’t really get the basics.

WE THE ECONOMY is a film series that will engage viewers of all ages, entertaining and informing them. It’s a comprehensive effort to demystify the U.S. economy by making it interesting and fun for the average citizen, providing insights and tools to help understand the basics, and dig deeper into the subject matter.

As a companion to the series we’re proud to present the WE THE ECONOMY Program and Discussion Guide, designed to assist educators, groups, and just about anyone else discuss our films and the economy both in and out of the classroom.

Use the Guide to facilitate discussions around the films, spark social media conversations, and engage your students and social groups with the topics on a deeper level. The Guide is appropriate for use as a classroom tool across multiple grade levels 9th and up, or to create your own small events and screenings in less formal instructional settings such as college seminars, workshops, community organizations, libraries, museums, festivals, or anywhere you choose to hold a discussion.

Program Guides

The Program and Discussion Guide includes:

  • Series introduction.
  • Guidelines for informal screenings and group activities – For museums, libraries, workshops, or college classrooms where a facilitator screens multiple films.
  • Extension Activities - A series of assignments and educational prompts to help instructors at any level use the films with their students in creative ways.

Companion Guides

In addition to the Program and Discussion Guide, WE THE ECONOMY offer teachers a series of short Companion Guides to help facilitate formal classroom use of the individual films. These 1 - 2 page guides can be used in conjunction with our Program and Discussion Guide, or individually as a stand-alone curricular companion for each film. Each companion guide is a complete lesson plan, and includes –

  • Curriculum Connections and standards alignments.
  • Lesson requirements (preparations, time, materials, etc.)
  • Key words and phrases.
  • Lesson rationale and student objectives.
  • Techniques and skills.
  • Step-by-step, itemized procedures for classroom implementation.
  • Homework assignment/extension activity.

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