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Rachel Grady & Heidi Ewing

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director's Note

“My early life plans were about becoming a diplomat or aid worker. I even went so far as to attend the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown, where (in my final year) it dawned on me that I actually possessed very few qualities that would make me a successful government employee (not diplomatic in the least - too many opinions!). So while I changed course to pursue filmmaking, my pals set off to far-flung corners of the globe, many to work in foreign aid. Of course, then, I was enthusiastic to explore this topic more deeply. 

My approach with this film is a civilian one. Rather than relying on aid workers and buttoned-up government officials, I decided to focus primarily on regular people to help me connect the dots on the vagaries of food aid to Haiti, all who (knowingly or not) are very much affected by complicated aid policies made in the U.S. I hope that they, as well as the jocular, conversational tone and strange old-time archive will make the subject accessible and persuade more people to further explore what is a fascinating subject filled with very high stakes.” - Heidi Ewing

Short Biography

HEIDI EWING is the co-owner of New York’s Loki Films, which she operates with Rachel Grady. The duo was nominated for the Academy Award in 2007 for “Jesus Camp.” Last year’s “DETROPIA” looks at Ewing’s hometown of Detroit and what its epic crisis means to the nation. Additional credits include “Dissident,” about the dramatic world of Cuban politics, and “12th & Delaware,” (HBO) which investigates a crisis pregnancy center and an abortion clinic, locked in battle. Currently, Ewing is shooting The Arrivals, a narrative-documentary hybrid about two undocumented business owners in New York, searching for a way to stay in the country. RACHEL GRADY is the co-director of “Jesus Camp.” The film was nominated for the Academy Award and was broadcast in over 40 countries. She also co-directed “The Boys of Baraka,” which was nominated for an Emmy and won an NAACP Image Award. Grady won a Peabody Award in 2011 for “12th & Delaware,” which aired on HBO. She co-directed “DETROPIA,” which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and won the Editing Award for Documentary. Grady, along with co-owner Heidi Ewing, runs the New York-based production company Loki Films.

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