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“When I first began my email exchange with business & financial historian John Steele Gordon about the markets and how I’d make a film encompassing what they represent, my idea was to make a straight documentary detailing its history and speaking to some key players and influencers. He responded saying he’d always had this idea that markets first began when two cavemen, one who was better at making spears and the other who was a better hunter, exchanged goods with one another. I loved this, both visually and thematically. It was a fun and different way to dive into a complex story and to make it accessible. The fact that I got John, Adam Davidson & Annalyn Kurtz to actually be cavemen in the piece made it even better!

What I really love about this film, and the entire WE THE ECONOMY series, is how differently it deals with a topic that would normally be very dry and straightforward. My hope is that with WE THE ECONOMY, we are able to engage a wide range of people in these important topics.”


It's hard for us to imagine or understand how events halfway around the world have impact our lives, whether it be war, disasters, or even disease.  If it's not in our backyard or doesn't effect our lives on a daily basis, why should we be concerned?

That's the goal of The Ebola Economy.  I wanted to start to connect the dots for all of us so we can begin to see beyond the fear mongering that dominates the news coverage to truly put things in perspective.  

With the help of the brilliant economic writers Adam Davidson & Jen Banbury, the film shows how interconnected the global trade market and our lives truly are.  One cannot survive without the other, and when one is greatly impacted, the other suffers equally.

Now that doesn't mean you should start hoarding duct tape or clorox, but it does reinforce how we as a global population have the ability to change these situations for the better.  Hopefully, with a little knowledge, education, insight and investment, we will.

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MORGAN SPURLOCK is a documentary filmmaker, television producer, screenwriter and activist best known for his documentaries “Super Size Me” (2004), “Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?” (2008), “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” (2011) and “One Direction: This Is Us” (2013). Spurlock executive produced and starred in the reality TV series, “30 Days.” As of 2013, he hosts and produces CNN's “Inside Man” and is the co-founder of the short-film content marketing studio, Cinelan.

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