Mary Harron

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“When researching the subject of U.S. healthcare, I came across a story about a young man who arrived at the emergency room with a headache and left with a $15,000 bill. I asked writer/comedienne Cynthia Kaplan to help me write a little drama about a patient who gets lost in the funhouse of American healthcare. It would be set in a mythical hospital where all the staff have played doctors and nurses on television. 

Kerry Bishe (Scrubs), Peter Jacobson (House), Isaiah Washington (Grey’s Anatomy), Laura Ceron (ER) and Nancy Giles (China Beach, CBS Saturday Morning) agreed to put on the scrubs once more. Lili Taylor (State of Mind) reprised her role as a therapist to try and mediate between the squabbling Ms. Insurance (Maddy Corman) and Mr. Pharmaceutical (Adam Goldberg) and the hapless patient (Will Janowitz). Finally, the inimitable Bob Balaban, came in to tell us some of the history of how this system came to be. 

Before I started this project I knew U.S. healthcare was expensive, I knew it was infuriatingly complicated, but I had no idea why. Healthcare was something that deeply affected my life and my family, but I knew almost nothing about it. That’s what I love about WE THE ECONOMY - it makes you stop and look and think and then look again at something so familiar, until you realize that you’ve never really seen it before.”

Short Biography

MARY HARRON studied English literature at Oxford and worked as a journalist and documentary filmmaker before making her first feature film, “I Shot Andy Warhol.” She also wrote and directed the films, “American Psycho,” “The Notorious Bettie Page,” and “The Moth Diaries.” For television, Mary has directed episodes of television series including “Oz,” “The L Word,” “Six Feet Under,” “Six Degrees” and “Big Love” and recently directed the Lifetime movie “Anna Nicole.” She is currently working on a film about the last years of Salvador Dali.

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